My how the tables are turning…

I just saw this on WRAL’s home page:

President Barack Obama’s health care law risks coming unglued because of his administration’s bungles and his own inflated promises. To avoid that fate, Obama needs breakthroughs on three fronts: the cancellations mess, technology troubles and a crisis in confidence among his own supporters.

I can’t help but laugh.  That blurb is from an article from the Associated Press.  It must have killed them to write that.  AP content dissappears from WRAL after a certain amount of time (I don’t remember what the actual amount of time is) so it won’t be there forever, but I will still laugh it up while I can.

Regional Rail Service Not For Wake County

From WRAL:


“What we found were the (bus) ridership numbers are fairly low,” Clarence Marsella, former general manager and chief executive officer of the Denver Regional Transportation District, told county leaders at a meeting Tuesday.

Adding rail typically increases ridership 30 percent, he said, so 30 percent of an already low number doesn’t justify the high cost of rail.

The experts also said that congestion in Wake County and surrounding areas is not as bad as other places in the country and that the area already has a well-functioning road system.

So, what we have here, is further proof that there was never any good reason to green light a billion dollar light rail program in Wake County.  Especially one like what was proposed that didn’t go anywhere useful.

From the same article:

“If we don’t come up with a plan, you might as well look at Atlanta because we’ll have similar congestion as they have,” Raleigh City Planning Director Mitch Silver said.

Yes, we need a plan.  But how about we conjure up a plan that actually has a chance of working instead of one that just flushes taxpayer dollars down a hole.  Our resources are better utilized at this point making sure the roads are adequate.

Before you spend a massive amount of money on public transit, you need to answer two questions:  Where is it going and who is going to ride it?  The answer in the case of rail in the triangle appears to be nowhere and almost nobody.

Remember Cuccinelli

I just want to make a note, for the record, to remember what happened with Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia.  Cuccinelli lost to Terry McAuliffe (who has a long history of being one of the most loathsome characters on the other side).

But the real story is that after Tea Party Favorite Ken Cuccinelli won the Republican primary for the governor’s race in Virginia, the establishment Republicans were out.   Typically reliable Republican donors wouldn’t give to Cuccinelli’s campaign.  Which is fine, they can spend their money however they like.  But every time the establishment gets their way and some wishy washy milquetoast Republican wins the nomination, they lecture the Conservative and Libertarian wings of the party that we have to unite around “our” guy.  But they have made it abundantly clear that when somebody WE like wins the primary, they’re out.  They won’t support a conservative candidate.

We’re just going to file this away so that we can pull it out the next time the establishment tries to foist a McCain on us and tells us we must unite behind him.

I’ll just end this rant with a little snippet from a post on this by Jonah Goldberg:

As for the more moderate Republican donors who stayed away from Cuccinelli, I certainly don’t think they’re obliged to give money to anyone or anything they disagree with. So maybe they’re pro-choice. Maybe they call themselves “socially liberal but fiscally conservative” (don’t get me started). Fine. But on the issues that make them Republican, McAuliffe will still be far more of a disaster than Cuccinelli ever would have been. McAuliffe says his first priority for the legislative session is accepting the expanded Medicare option under ObamaCare. That’s bad enough, but does anyone doubt that another, equally important, priority of his will be to prepare the ground for a Clinton candidacy should she run? Even if she doesn’t, McAuliffe in the statehouse is terrible news for every kind of Republican. McAuliffe is not a policy person. He’s not a “statesman.” He’s a purely political hack moneyman. And he’s going to use his skills as best he can to put Virginia in the Democrats’ column in 2016.

For all the talk about how the base needs to cooperate with the establishment more, it’s worth remembering that the base almost always does its part on Election Day. Its the establishment that is less reliable in returning the favor.


Which is it

And so, late in the evening last night, the Republicans caved on a joke of a deal to re-open the government and take out a new credit card*.  I recall that when Mitt Romney was running for the Presidency last year, the Republican “Moderates” told us that abortion was a losing issue and to keep quiet about the social issues and focus on the economic issues.

For the past 2 weeks, the Congress has been fighting like cats and dogs over fiscal issues and the Republican “Moderates” have slammed the dyed in the wool Conservatives at every opportunity.  John McCain and Lindsey Graham both violated Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, and Peter King needs to go change his party affiliation to Democrat.

We have mountains of debt, a “health care bill” that is a complete disaster, a fiscal black hole, nothing ready to go, and the Obama Administration handing out subsidies without verifying that people are even eligible, and the “Moderate” wing of the GOP is more angry at the Tea Party Republicans than it is with the Democrats or Barack Obama, the man who pettily closed down open air memorials and foolishly furloughed a significant part of the national intelligence apparatus:

By Anita Kumar — McClatchy Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON — It may be one of the most serious missteps of the federal government shutdown.

After weeks of planning, the nation’s spy chief sent home nearly three-quarters of the workers at the government’s intelligence agencies when faced with the partial shutdown. The move, James Clapper later admitted himself, put the United States at greater risk of terrorist attacks. He then reversed course and brought thousands of employees back to work.

A review by McClatchy finds that lawmakers, former intelligence officials and national security experts say they were shocked that the administration furloughed the bulk of federal workers at 16 intelligence agencies, many of them tasked with the most important job in the government: safeguarding lives.

“It’s difficult for me to understand,” said Leon Panetta, who served as the director of the CIA and the secretary of defense under President Barack Obama. “People that are involved in our intelligence are critical. You can’t possibly put 70 percent on furlough and not harm national security.”

Read more here:

So, which is it?  What does the GOP even stand for?  I will go back to what I wrote at the beginning of the “Obama Debacle” that I think highlights the split in the GOP.  They keep saying that we are united in our goals of fiscal restraint and individual liberty.  But anytime somebody tries to stand up for those ideals, it is the “moderates” who shriek for them to sit down and shut up, that they’re ruining years of carefully laid planning.

These Republican Moderates are the Saturday Morning Cartoon villains of the political world.

As an aside, I also want to note for the record that Richard Burr voted for the Senate bill that has passed that increases our debts and does nothing to hold Obama accountable for his blatant disregard for the enforcement of the provisions of his own law, which he lacks the statutory authority to waive without an act of Congress.

*I would like to address the Democrats and Obama’s specific claims that not raising the debt ceiling will end in a default on US sovereign debt.  Let us take a moment to speak directly to what Barack Obama said:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Everybody should say one of the most valuable things we have is America’s credit worthiness. This is not something we should even come close to fooling around with. So when I read people saying, no, this wouldn’t be a big deal, we should test it out. Let’s take default out for a spin and see how it rides.

I say, imagine in your private life if you decided that I’m not going to pay my mortgage for a month or two. First of all, you’re not saving money by not saving your mortgage. You’re just a deadbeat. And you can anticipate that will hurt your credit, which means that in addition to debt collectors calling, you’re going to have trouble borrowing in the future. And if you are able to borrow in the future, you’re going to have to borrow at a higher rate. What’s true for individuals is also true for nations, even the most powerful nation on earth.

For Obama, a refusal to raise the debt ceiling is equivalent to a refusal to pay one’s mortgage.  This, however, is totally false.  The refusal to raise the debt ceiling and the demand to cut spending is more akin to looking at your finances and realizing that you’ve maxed out the credit cards and you can’t pay the light bill, cable bill, car payment, and mortgage with the cash you are bringing in from your job.  Obama’s solution is to take out another credit card.  The solution proposed by conservatives is to cancel the Cable TV and sell the car and buy one that fits in the budget.  Anybody who has ever had to manage their personal finances knows that spending every cent you have, maxing out your credit card, and then taking out another credit card to continue your spending spree is the path to bankruptcy.  But I guess wanting to avoid bankruptcy makes you a deadbeat.  Up is down, right is wrong, left is right.

Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter.

-Isaiah 5:20

Go Ted Go

Right now, Ted Cruz is on the Senate floor “filibustering” in support of defunding Obamacare.  Richard Burr said that attempting to defund Obamacare was “the stupidest thing he’d ever heard”.  To which I simply add another black mark next to Richard Burr’s name.  We are watching you, Burr, and we are not happy.

Here we go. As of 2:40pm ET, Cruz’s marathon session is officially underway. Interesting politics all around. Party leaders on Capitol Hill recognize that Cruz’s filibuster will fail, and quite a few Senate Republicans will, in fact, help ensure that outcome themselves. But so long as the junior Senator from Texas is engaged in an old-school talking filibuster, and slamming the president’s unpopular healthcare law, the Republican National Committee will have his back. RNC sources tell Townhall that party chairman Reince Priebus has launched an online petition in support of Cruz’s efforts, which will coincide with the Senator’s talk-a-thon.

I should note that the last time a Conservative had the guts to filibuster, Burr was dining with Obama and I further note that he also betrayed us on the gun bill vote.

Obamacare IS a disaster.  And the establishment Republicans are refusing to fight, instead hoping to use it to force Conservatives to stay in line behind them or else be crushed by big government.  Well, we refuse to follow socialist tyrants and we refuse to follow their unholy brethren in the Republican party as well.


My Thoughts On Syria

I am of the belief that any attack on Syria at this point would be foolish.

First – This situation in Syria is the direct result of meddling by the United States government.  The Obama Administration has been waging a proxy war against Iran.  This came up in the vice presidential debate where Joe Biden claimed that the Obama Admin was giving weapons to the rebels.  Now, most people have just said that was another idiot thing that Biden said, and that he really meant that the administration was aiding the rebels.  Given the lies and obfuscations by the Obama administration there is really no way to know.  But we have been giving them aid, the only question is how much.

Second – What are air strikes going to accomplish?  We know that Bashar Al-Assad has chemical weapons.  We also know that Assad probably has some stockpiles from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.  Missile strikes will not get those out of Assad’s hands, and depending on the objective – whether you believe that Obama merely wants to “teach Assad a lesson” or if he prefers “regime change” you get a different batch of trouble.  Lets take these one at a time.

  • Teaching Assad a lesson

If we engage in a campaign of strategic missile strikes and bombing of Syria designed to teach Assad a lesson, he has vowed to retaliate against our allies in the region.  So, best case scenario we bomb the daylights out of Assad and he only shoots back a few missiles at Israel, Turkey, and Iraq.  Worst case – those missiles Assad shoots off have chemical warheads on them and Hezbollah manages to smuggle some into the United States.  Or Hezbollah just decides to become active in the US.  That wouldn’t be much fun for us either.

  • Regime Change

So, we have been promised no boots on the ground, so for the moment we will take the politicians at their word and assume that there will simply be bombing and missile strikes.  Lets say we Gaddafi him.  Assad falls.  The Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels take power.  What exactly stops the Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels from getting their hands on the chemical weapons stockpiles??  That not only doesn’t sound any better to me, it in fact, sounds a lot lot worse.  It sounds like we are going from a situation that poses no imminent threat to us to a situation that is a very dire imminent threat – that being that Assad’s chemical weapons stockpiles could fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda.

But, just for the record, lets mark down what boots on the ground in Syria would look like:

Securing Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles and the facilities that produced them would likely require the U.S. to send more than 75,000 ground troops into the Middle Eastern country, MailOnline learned Wednesday.

That estimate comes from a secret memorandum the U.S. Department of Defense prepared for President Obama in early 2012.

U.S. Central Command arrived at the figure of 75,000 ground troops as part of a written series of military options for dealing with Bashar al-Assad more than 18 months ago, long before the U.S. confirmed internally that the Syrian dictator was using the weapons against rebel factions within his borders.

And lets talk for a moment about why we have no hope of a diplomatic solution to this mess.


I would like to further point out that Obama’s idiotic policy of “Regime Change” in Libya has ensured that Assad will never surrender his chemical weapons in a diplomatic solution. Gaddafi surrendered his weapons and submitted to an international inspection regime to show he had complied with the obligations of the treaty he signed. And as soon as the United States knew he was good and disarmed Obama arranged for he and any member of his family that was in Libya to suffer brutal deaths at the hands of the Libyan rebellion. Now, if you’re Bashar Al Assad and you watched this happen, what incentive do you have to cooperate with the United States and our allies? It looks pretty much like suicide to me – and I bet that Assad probably feels the same way.

And lastly, we have to consider the international scene.  Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this is that the Democrats are finally willing to admit that the United Nations is less than useless as an institution.  However, Captain Transparency, our fearless leader, has ensured that our deficits have gone through the roof.  People assume that when the Russians and the Chinese say that there will be consequences they mean militarily and that they’re not insane enough to get into that kind of fight with us.  But what nobody seems to be thinking about is that the Chinese, and the Russians to a lesser extent, are holding a knife to our throat that we gave them.  If the Russians and the Chinese all at once dump their Dollar reserves they could push the US economy right over the cliff it’s been teetering on and the entire inflation scenario of doom will come to pass.

Assuming, of course, that the fact that no international leader or body seems to have the slightest bit of respect for BHO doesn’t trigger World War III once we start flinging bombs around indiscriminately.

Today’s Supreme Court Decision

Well, anybody that has been around here long enough knows that I can’t let this pass without throwing down my two cents worth.

The Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional for the Federal Government to decline to recognize homosexual unions in states that perform them.  But left in place the parts of DOMA that exempt the states from honoring homosexual “marriage’ performed in other states.

How long will it be before the Federal Government begins to use its considerable clout to withhold funds from states because they don’t recognize homosexual unions?  This has been the way that the feds operate for a long time now, they can’t make you comply, but they can hike up taxes and refuse to send any of that money back into your state if you don’t obey their whims.

The endgame is, of course, as it always has been, the silence of the Church.  Christians cannot accept a homosexual union.  If you do, you’re not a Christian.  The Bible is very explicit on the subject.  I wonder how long it will be before the federal government gives the faithful a choice between editing Scripture and facing government persecution?

Defiance of Injustice is Heroism

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has taken exception to Roy Costner’s Valedictorian speech where he recited The LORD’s Prayer.  Reportedly saying the following:

The school district had been in a battle over public prayers after the FFRF filed a complaint objecting to what they called an “unconstitutional prayer practice.”

They hold the school district responsible for Costner’s open act of defiance and what they called a string of problematic religious violations.

“The valedictorian who so insensitively inflicted Christian prayer on a captive audience at a secular graduation ceremony, is a product of a school district which itself set an unconstitutional example by hosting school board prayer,” FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor said in a prepared statement.

I think that it is time to make something perfectly clear to the Marxists trying to consolidate power in this country.  We are not serfs.  We are not subject.  We Are Americans.

Roy Costner has the God Given and Constitutionally Guaranteed rights of Freedom Of Religion and Freedom of Speech and no judge, law, or “foundation” can take that from him or us.

This came up a few weeks ago talking about prayer opening county meetings in North Carolina.  The Federal Government has no right and no standing to tell how we may pray, where we may pray, and who we may pray to.

Becky Gerritson made headlines this week by going to Congress and telling them that they had “forgotten their place”.  The government has not forgotten its place.  It has overstepped the bounds of its authority in almost every way imaginable.  The Third Amendment to the Bill of Rights is pretty much the only one that has not been infringed.

There can be no answer to these infringements of our rights except defiance.

Patrick Henry said, “give me liberty or give me death!”.  Those are the options we should give to the government.  Compliance with these edicts that infringe on our God Given Rights cannot be an option if we expect for the government to respect them in the future.

End the NC Turnpike Authority

If you have been around here for any amount of time, then you will know that I have considered the introduction of Toll Roads into North Carolina an affront to the purpose the government even exists since the proposal was first floated.

And now, it has come to my attention that it is far worse than even I thought it would be.

According to WTVD:

According to the balance sheet obtained by the I-Team – and never made public until now – in the 2011 fiscal year, the turnpike authority had an operating loss of $3.8 million. The loss was $11.5 million in the 2012 fiscal year.

In the 2012 calendar year, the losses continued. During first full year of toll collections – the project had $12.2 million in expenses and $4 million in revenue – meaning it was in the red by $8.2 million.

And that’s just the cost of things like personnel, supplies, travel, advertising, and rent. It does not include the interest the NCDOT pays out on construction bonds. That amounts to $35.6 million this fiscal year.

The tolls aren’t even covering the existence of the Turnpike Commission.

The NCDOT said that’s not surprising. It says we’re in a period they call the “socialization” of the toll way – and they believe when we’re used to the idea of paying a toll to drive, more of us will do it.

The DOT also says overall – along the entire 19-mile stretch of highway – it is meeting projections for ridership and revenue.

It also says the road won’t break even for another decade. It expects tolls will cover the cost of debt service, operations and maintenance, and major repair and renovation in 2024.

The price is too high.  End the tolling, end the turnpike commission, and restore some sanity to this state.  The government needs to just stop doing projects outside of its mandate and focus on the reason that it exists.  I was taxed for that road once.  That money was stolen.  I was taxed again.  That was insufficient to cover the cost of the road.  And now they want me to pay a toll to use a road I have payed for twice already.

And yet again..

It seems that every time I turn around it seems that I am being proven correct.  Today, it seems that noted liberals are ceding my rightness:

“All of the critics of the lottery, way back when, all of their predictions appear to be coming true,” said Gerrick Brenner with Progress NC. “They said it was a bait and switch. It is a bait and switch.”

Brenner is both a parent, and the head of the liberal Progress NC. Looking through both those lenses, he sees problems with the senate’s changes in how lottery money is allocated.

“If the politicians plan to keep their promise of using lottery money for education then why do they want to change the law,” asked Brenner. “Clearly they want to break the promise.”

Now, I don’t know if Mr. Brenner meant that to be taken literally or not.  But I’m still going to count that as ceding my rightness.

Let us note that I have always been opposed to the North Carolina Lottery.  I thought it was bad policy then, and I still think it’s bad policy now.  Let’s just call it what it is, it’s a gambling operation.  The Government has no business running a gambling operation to raise revenue.  It is horrible public policy.  It’s even worse that gambling is illegal in North Carolina.  So, not only has the state created its own gambling operation, but all competition is illegal.  It is hypocritical to say the very least.